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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) accredited driving instructor


Looking to get an ACT driver's licence with an expert instructor who is safe, reliable, and cheap?


Then please contact Johnny Vu!


We can help you with preparing for the ACT Government driving test.
We can also assist you in converting an overseas licence to a full Australian driving licence!
From Belconnen to Tuggeranong, from Woden to Gungahlin - we service the entire ACT region.


Instructor's car can be hired for use in your Government test.







Safe 2 Drive is a Canberra based driving school with a focus on ensuring that you are taught in a way which delivers the appropriate skills and experiences to allow you to drive in a safe and competent manner. Our interest is not in just churning people through to benefit my business. Our aim is to give you quality instruction which will keep you and other road users safe and secure. At Safe 2 Drive we are prepared to take the extra time that might be required to ensure that this outcome is achieved.

We recognise that different people learn in different ways and we are always interested to know what worked well for you and what did not, so please feel free to give me feedback. This will help us to help you learn, and benefit you in giving us the opportunity to revisit anything you may continue to have concerns about.



ACT accredited driving instructor

ADTA member

Instructor's Kia

Log Book or Government test

Instructor's Kia

Automatic dual-control vehicle

Instructor's Kia

Insured (no costs to student)








First lesson $50 [1 hour]

Additional lessons $70 [1 hour]


Payment by cash, or electronic funds transfer 2 days before your lesson.

At least 12 hours notice of cancellation of lessons must be given.
If notice is not given, a fee of $30 applies.









The vehicle is fully insured. In the event of an accident, no costs will be passed on to the student.

P plate assessment: Log book or Government test

You must be at least 17 years of age and have held a learner licence for a minimum of 6 months before being able to obtain a provisional driver licence.
There are two methods you can use to get your provisional driver licence: The Competency Based Training and Assessment Scheme (CBT&A), which uses
a logbook system through an Accredited Driving Instructor; or take a practical driving test with an ACT Government Licence Examiner.

Johnny Vu is an Accredited Driving Instructor, able to assess your competency for a provisional licence through the log book system.
Johnny's accreditation documentation is on display in his vehicle.

Learner drivers wishing to obtain their licence with a Government Examiner can visit a Canberra Connect Shopfront or the
Road User Services office at Dickson and pay the relevant fee to book an assessment.

At the normal hourly rate of a lesson ($70/hour), students are able to use Johnny's car for this assessment.

Pick-up and drop off

Pick-up and drop off points are at the option of the student, within the bounds of the ACT.
Please specify pick-up and drop off points when making bookings, or before your next lesson.