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ACT accredited driving instructor

Log Book or Government test

Automatic dual-control vehicle

Insured (no costs to student)

ADTA member



Safe 2 Drive is a Canberra based driving school with a focus on ensuring that you are taught in a way which delivers the appropriate skills and experiences to allow you to drive in a safe and competent manner. My interest is not in just churning people through to benefit my business. My aim is to give you quality instruction which will keep you and other road users safe and secure. At Safe 2 Drive we are prepared to take the extra time that might be required to ensure that this outcome is achieved.

I recognise that different people learn in different ways and I am always interested to know what worked well for you and what did not, so please feel free to give me feedback. This will help me to help you learn, and benefit you in giving us the opportunity to revisit anything you may continue to have concerns about.


contact: Johnny Vu

[Instructor also fluent in Vietnamese]

0414 635 161 or